I'm still here

25th January, 2023

Yes, once again I've fallen out of the habit of keeping things up to date here. I don't make New Year's resolutions but if I did it would be to try and keep this up to date a little more frequently. Mostly because I want to spend more time on hobby stuff this year (everyone loves a bit of CV-driven development).

If you're familiar with the site you might have noticed the comment component at the bottom of each page has changed. I've had some fun working on my component zyzle-commenter, but I recently found a tool that works in almost the same way (actually better) and has a lot more of the features I had planned on trying to build. So not wanting to re-invent the wheel I've moved the blog's comments over to giscus.

I'm a little sad to be putting aside commenter and lynx for now but maybe I'll pick them back up in future

For now though

I have a couple of plans for what I want to do with the blog itself, was never completely happy with the template so definitely want to spend some time improving that, there's also the question of whether or not I want to stick with this static site generator engine or move to something more complex

I've also got a couple of ideas on future topics to keep an eye out for that. Hope I can have something interesting for you here soon.