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I'm still here

25th January, 2023#blog

Yes, once again I've fallen out of the habit of keeping things up to date here. I don't make New Year's resolutions but if I did it would be to try and keep this up to date a little more frequently. Mostly because I want to spend more time on hobby stuff this year (everyone loves a bit of CV-driven development).

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Finding Colours - Part 1: This should be easy...right?

3rd July, 2022#web-dev#fun#problems

During the interview for my current previous job, I was given a small pair-programming coding challenge to complete. Like all good coding challenges, it was probably beyond what could reasonably have been finished in an hour but it was fun and I got the job so my attempt couldn't have been too bad. Not finishing the challenge did annoy me though so here's my attempt at a more polished version of the challenge

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